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Jennifer Faith Ward was working toward a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology when the sudden death of her brother compelled her to enter the world of film. This pursuit has resulted in notable credits such as a leading role in The Happiest Place on Earth, a film that earned her a Best Actress nomination from the Maverick Movie Awards and is currently available on Amazon Prime. She also received a Best Actress nomination from the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival for her work in Risen. In addition, the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association presented her a Crystal Reel Award for Leading Actress in a web series. Jennifer is an avid runner who also enjoys studying Stoicism and devouring the latest psychological thriller novel.

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Dolphin Girl is about a quiet boy from Vermont who moves to sunny Florida and feels like a fish out of water until a mysterious young girl helps him fit in.

Stage 32 Short Script Contest Winner. NYCindieFF best short screenplay. ISA story award. Film festival screenings to be announced soon.

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Toxic is a thriller about a young girl (Savannah Grace Elmer, Matilda from the National Broadway tour) who struggles after the death of her mother (Jennifer Faith Ward) to escape the underground shelter in which she was raised before the life support systems shut down. Also starring R. Keith Harris (The Walking Dead, Big Fish, Red Dead Redemption II). The screenplay was published in the literary journal Qu and the film is currently in pre-production.

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"While the entire ensemble cast is strong, much of the credit for the film's success goes to Jennifer Faith Ward for a performance that is complex, intuitive and heartbreaking in its sensitivity and insight. Ward, a Crystal Reel Award-winning actress, gives the kind of performance that makes you realize that there's much more going on here but is shaded enough to never let you know what it is until you're supposed to know. " - The Independent Critic, Review of THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

"SIMONE is a one person vehicle. In the titular role, Jennifer Ward is quite good. Actually she's pretty damn fantastic. She really relays all of the confusion, fear, and dread that the character calls for." - The Conduit

 "Jennifer Ward is so versatile, she can do any role handed to her. From comedy to horror and she also pulls double duty as our first AD. Again she is an asset to all we do." - Brian Troxell, Director

"Jennifer Faith Ward and Tom Kemnitz Jr as Maggie and Jonah respectively are incredibly engaging and breathe life into their characters in way that reminds us of early Cassavetes." - Charles Sutter, IMDb, Review of THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

"SIMONE features strong performances from its co-leads, Jennifer Ward and Erin Nicole Cline. Ward exudes both a sense of f***ed up menace and vulnerability, no small achievement. It's easy to see quite early on that there's much more going on, yet Ward keeps us watching her because it's also clear that this is a woman who is, on some level, trying really hard to overcome whatever it is she's dealing with in life." - The Independent Critic

"On the front-of-camera side, Ward and Kemnitz Jr. have sufficient presence and sensitivity to captivate viewers for 81 minutes. There is a neighborly appearance and demeanor to the couple that complement Goshorn’s documentary-esque style. Ward carries the film well, which is crucial in the latter half when Jonah is out of the frame, and introduces some needed emotional fluctuations to the frame. It’s easy to ramp up the dramatic factor being the central player in, and at the center of, different stressful-but-telegraphed scenarios that Goshorn has concocted (he also wrote the screenplay), but Ward thankfully approaches them with a restraint that sustains the film’s reflective-of-life veil." - Film Threat, Review of THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

". . . the movie commands one’s attention from start to finish, due in no small part to the strong performances from leads Tom Kemnitz Jr. and particularly Jennifer Faith Ward." - Battle Royale With Cheese, Review of THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

"Ward is greatly effective as Maggie, the hard-working, highly influential half of the couple whose initial doubts and fears in the home they choose reflects both the nervousness of stepping out into something bigger while still knowing the absolute excitement of what the whole move means in trying for a family. Yet, when Jonah’s job loss causes her to be abruptly ejected from this ideal scenario in her head, she tries her best to stay hopeful and encouraging while facing pressures of her own. Once he disappears, the road she travels then is volatile and haunting, all very emotively executed by Ward." -, Review of THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH

"It helps, of course, for a film to possess performances that complement its ambiguity and AMBIGUOUS FIGURE is gifted with two strong performances from young Jessica Cheek, the perfect weaving of innocence with a bit of a twinkle in the eyes, and Jennifer Ward, whose performance manages to ride that line (Is there a line?) between disturbing and disturbingly normal." - The Independent Critic


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